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A trapper style decor

A trapper style decor

At the first frost of winter, the desire to snuggle up warm is felt. Let yourself be tempted by the trapper trend. Between the chalet and Scandinavian style, make the Davy Crockett inside you vibrate!

Cover up!

Angel des Montagnes Who says decorative trapper, does not mean rustic! On the contrary, when setting the table, do not hesitate to play with quality natural materials. Feathers, linen, wool mix together.

A cocoon room

Angel des Montagnes Linen duvet cover, cushions covered with fur, woolen plaid warmly dress the room.

Bet on the cushions

Angel des Montagnes Don't be afraid to have a heavy hand with the cushions! Play with warm materials such as wool, fur and velvet to add a sense of extreme comfort.

A trapper atmosphere revisited

Bloomingville Simply warm up the atmosphere of your office by placing a sheepskin on a seat. It establishes the trapper spirit without doing too much!

Mix styles

Bloomingville The rattan bench accommodates several decorative styles. The unit is created by the color which puts on the gray tones.

Make way for crafts!

Bloomingville An authentic spirit hangs over this trend. To do this, bet on handmade. Cups with different shapes and colors, arranged on a tray, establish the style without neglecting the decor.

The room is dressed in wood

Angel des Montagnes In a total look spirit, cover the walls of your room with wooden planks. Arranged horizontally, they create a cabin style.

A bathtub worthy of a cabin

Scandinavian cocktail This wooden bathtub plays the game of trapper decoration. Comfortable and contemporary, it sets in itself the much desired spirit.

A kitchen like a hut

Ikea For a trapper spirit in the kitchen, do not hesitate to hang your fresh herbs, make a happy odds and ends match and bet on wood both on the walls and in the furniture.