Full storage: furniture from floor to ceiling

Full storage: furniture from floor to ceiling

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In the house, the lack of space forced to use the space in an ingenious way. In terms of storage, this translates into maximum use of wall spaces with shelves, boxes and other furniture that allows everything to be stored. Discover in pictures how to use the floor-to-ceiling space for storage.

Storage in a corner

Leroy Merlin To use every corner for storage, we also think of the corners of the rooms. To do this, simply install shelves that run on the two walls of the corner. You can then use this space as a library.

Storage all over a wall

Leroy Merlin Do you need to maximize your storage space? Be aware that there are storage modules that install over the entire wall surface and even above the openings. Thus each piece of the wall becomes useful.

Multiplied shelves

Fly To multiply the storage space on a wall, sometimes it is enough simply to multiply the furniture. We can for example place side by side metal shelves and also multiply them in the rest of the room by choosing different sizes.

Storage under the stairs

Ikea To cleverly store under the stairs, you can either use a dedicated piece of furniture or cunning to make the most of the space. Choose furniture of different sizes and use storage boxes for the really low part.

Custom storage

Ikea To maximize storage, it is wise to use custom-made furniture that will allow you to stick exactly to your space. With dressing modules, you can choose the location of your shelves for example.

An entire wall of custom closets

Ikea Know that custom storage will also allow you to install storage as you want on a whole section of wall. So, do not hesitate to place storage as close as possible to the ceiling to optimize the space.

A wall-mounted dressing room

Ikea To occupy the wall space, you will also find dressing furniture that will allow you to store all over the wall. Do not hesitate to couple this system with other wall storage solutions to make everything more efficient.

Multiplied shelves

Paragraph To improvise a library, you can choose to multiply the shelves. Place shelves up to the ceiling. You just have to leave space for the books in between.

Storage along the length

Paragraph If you do not want to use the height, also think that you can run the storage along the length using low furniture.

A huge dressing room

IKEA Nothing is more beautiful for these ladies than a beautiful multifunctional wardrobe. Everything has been thought of to be practical: we store the shoe boxes at the top, the clothes on the clothes racks and the accessories in the lockers at the bottom. A real pleasure to tidy up!

Another style of dressing

Alinéa Here, we put the accent on the shelves to store sweaters and other clothes. The small armchair in the middle of the room allows you to sit down and put your shoes on.

Storage in the corridors

Leroy Merlin Hallways are often unused spaces. With these lockers, you can store your books and other trinkets. What is even better is to embed them in the wall to lose as little space as possible.

Lockers under the stairs

IKEA As for the corridor, we arrange its staircase below with lockers that we dispatches at will. Horizontally, vertically, anything is possible!

A library from top to bottom

Paragraph One could not do better in terms of full storage. In an industrial style decor, Alinéa offers this huge library overlooked by a promenade and a ladder. We love the result!

A more sober library

Paragraph You must have room to have such a piece of furniture. It fulfills its storage role while covering a large part of the wall.

Lower and wider

Alinéa This library is suitable for a living room that has bet on a modern decor. Remember to light with white accessories or a light wallpaper so as not to suffocate the room too much.

We fill the roof

Schmidt A new trick to not lose a square centimeter of storage: use the roof space or the underside of the frame to create shelves!

A moving piece of furniture

Paragraph The furniture on casters allows you to modify the arrangement of your spaces without constraint. It is imposing but can be stuck against a wall or act as a separation to create two rooms.

We arrange the staircase

Schmidt This large, integral piece of furniture hides the staircase. It is prettier than mounting a wall and above all the idea helps to keep the brightness.


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