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When Gérard Faivre renovates a farmhouse in the Alpilles

When Gérard Faivre renovates a farmhouse in the Alpilles

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After buying this property with his wife Cléo, Gérard Faivre, a great designer, has brilliantly renovated Le Mas Les Isords in Eygalières. Stones and contemporaneity got along wonderfully, and ultra modern furniture has found a place of choice without false note. We invite you to discover this exceptional place in pictures.

Entrance under the vaults

Gérard Faivre From the entrance, the grandiose side of the house is given with these large arches with a polished concrete appearance. We also retain the idea of ​​large copper pots that fill the space and trace the path to the dining room.

A minimalist living room

Gérard Faivre In the living room, there is also the polished concrete look on the wall, but the atmosphere is more contemporary with furniture with modern lines and rather sober colors. Only a few anise green armchairs awaken everything a little.

A stainless steel kitchen

Gérard Faivre A bit futuristic with its clean lines and the materials used, this kitchen is a beautiful representation of contemporary design. We especially like the hood in the shape of a black cube which sits proudly above the central island.

Shades of beige in the bedroom

Gérard Faivre This room aptly mixes traditional decor and designer pieces like the two LCW chairs by Charles Eames. A black and white atmosphere that works once again wonderfully.

A wooden bathtub

Gérard Faivre In the bathroom, simplicity is essential. Only the wooden bathtub brings a warm touch but still always design with its curved shape.

A designer relaxation corner

Gérard Faivre In the small relaxation area, the colors are this time with an ultra design bench and a coat rack typical of the 50s with its colorful balls. We particularly like the arrangement of the shelves which creates a real dynamic on the wall!

A Zen room

Gérard Faivre In this room, a Zen atmosphere has been chosen for moments of relaxation. The futon-style bed and tatami headboard take us to Japan.

A Provencal garden

Gérard Faivre In the garden, you really feel in Provence! We love the trees planted in large pots installed on the wooden terrace for the touch of nature.

A natural swimming pool

Gérard Faivre Behind the house, we discover a large and magnificent natural swimming pool surrounded by a wooden terrace for a very natural result.