We melt in front of the house-shaped shelves

We melt in front of the house-shaped shelves

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When you are told "house shaped shelf", perhaps you are thinking of the models made up of small boxes and used for some time now to display the beans or miniature perfumes. Well no ! We are talking about the new trend, sleek, ultra decorative and easy to slip into any room in the decor. Shall we show you?

To store toys

AM PM In the children's room too, these house-shaped shelves find a special place. Fixed above the bed to display his most beautiful decorative objects or simply used to store his toys, they will make themselves as practical as they are pretty.

Pastel game

Ferm Living We love these shelves with dark wooden contours and pastel backgrounds. Do not hesitate to multiply them on the wall as well aligned as fixed here and there. Preferably dare them on a light wall at the risk of creating an inconsistent decor.


Rita Le Chat If you have the soul of a do-it-yourselfer or you simply like to dress up everything you find, go to Cultura to buy neutral wooden models. We love the idea of ​​blogger Rita Le Chat who had fun with yellow and white paint to make them unique. Another idea: cover the background with pretty graphic or floral wallpapers.

A white background

Bloomingville Bloomingville has imagined a multitude of small shelving houses to be fixed to the wall. Colorful backgrounds, black or white, different sizes, with or without alcoves, you are really spoiled for choice. We especially love this arrangement where all the blond wood houses and white background are glued to each other.