16 tips to wash and organize your fridge

16 tips to wash and organize your fridge

Because one cannot go without the other: a clean refrigerator will not stay that long if you do not organize it, but good organization is useless if the interior of your refrigerator is not impeccable. Discover 16 tips and tricks that I myself tested for an immaculate and organized fridge. I assure you that after that, you will not be able to go back!

Tip 1: empty the fridge

Appliances It sounds obvious but you will not do a good job if you do not empty all of your fridge. It allows on the one hand to have a totally free access to all the nooks and crannies and on the other hand it avoids to dirty by moving progressively. If you know that cleaning will be quick, you can store your food right next to it. If the cleaning promises to be a little longer, install the most fragile foods such as butter or cream in a cooler or outside if the weather permits.

Tip # 2: remove anything that can be removed

Household appliances For a basic cleaning, we do not hesitate to dismantle, keeping in mind that it will not be necessary to reassemble the suite. We therefore retain the steps in order to be able to replace them afterwards. If you are unsure of yourself, take pictures. This will make you more comfortable putting things in the right order.

Tip 3: scrub effectively

Household appliances To clean my fridge, I decided to use a mixture of hot water and edible bicarbonate (3 tablespoons for one liter). This solution makes it possible to clean as effectively as with white vinegar but with a smell that is still more pleasant.

Tip n ° 4: rub the walls

Household appliances If the shelves and other removable parts are clean, do not forget the interior walls of the refrigerator. It would be a shame to put clean on dirty. For the interior walls, use the same water and bicarbonate solution and rub from top to bottom. Then wipe with a clean cloth to keep no trace.

Tip 5: Track down the dirt

Household appliances We can consider that a cleaning is really successful when we do not have to come back on it for a certain time. For this, we force ourselves, during household time, to become a little obsessive. Basically, we track down any dust or dirt! For the shelves for example, we lift the rails, we look in the nooks. At no time should you stop halfway. In this way, we know that we are quiet for a long time before the dirty comes back to annoy us.

Tips n ° 6 and 7: throw and remove

Household appliances We tend to store in our refrigerator and the larger it is, the greater the accumulation. We end up forgetting what it contains and that's where the trouble begins. As an example, I used my vegetable drawer above: after sorting, I don't have much left. I started by taking out everything that should not normally keep cold: tomatoes and onions that become soft, garlic that loses its flavor and potatoes. We obviously throw away all the vegetables that have obviously aged too much. Finally we do the same for the rest of the refrigerator.

Tip # 8: remove unnecessary packaging

Household appliances When you are tired and you still have to put away your errands, you are in a hurry and forget that cleaning a refrigerator is also done at that time. By taking care to remove the packaging before putting it in the fridge, we make sure to save space but also visibility. If you are storing leftovers, do not wrap them in aluminum foil. Prefer transparent containers and always put them on your shelves. This will limit the mess and what should be thrown away will not be forgotten in the bottom of your refrigerator.

Tip n ° 9: organize and organize products by type

Household appliances Let's move on to the storage stage now that the interior of the refrigerator is well cleaned. Efficient storage means that you can easily find what you are looking for. Nothing better than group management. For example, if you have stored two strips of butter in different places, you may redeem them unnecessarily because you think you will soon run out. If your two pads are stored together, you know exactly where your inventory is and therefore you manage it much better.

Tip # 10: use a baking sheet

Household appliances For the vegetable drawer, it is possible to place a sheet of parchment paper in the bottom which limits dirt thanks to its impermeability. This keeps the bin clean and you just have to change your baking paper every week to delay cleaning time by as much.

Tip # 11: use plastic baskets

Household appliances To facilitate storage by type as mentioned in tip n ° 9, small plastic baskets are used to group them. In this way, we tidy up better, we soil less and in addition we get out more easily what we need. This is the case of yogurts for example when children want to make their choice.

Tip # 12: use transparent packaging

Household appliances For the vegetable drawer, you will find many different ways to store your fruits and vegetables. For my part, I opted for transparent storage bags to keep an eye on my stock. Although they can be closed, I leave them open so the vegetables can breathe. If this method does not have a real advantage on the storage time, it does however keep the vegetable drawer very clean.

Tip # 13: use a cheese box

Appliances Again, opinions differ. For me, the organization is much simpler if all the cheeses are grouped in one place. It is also much more practical when the time comes to take them out of the fridge (ideally one hour before the organization). If I put the lid on the box, I also do not close tightly. Better to leave the box ajar to avoid confined air.

Tip 14: Respect the cold chain

Household appliances In order for your refrigerator to be as efficient as possible, that is to say, to store your food as well as possible, you must comply with the storage instructions. In the vegetable drawer, we keep fruits and vegetables but also cheeses because it is normally the least cold area. If like me, you have an area for meat and fish, do not hesitate to use it. It ensures the right temperature for this type of food (the coldest area) and facilitates storage. Finally, the higher you go up on the shelves, the higher the temperature: dairy products can therefore be stored at the top of the refrigerator.

Tip # 15: the basket of the last chance

Household appliances I put in place a "last chance basket", that is to say a basket in which I put all the products to be consumed during the week because the expiration date is approaching. We focus on what needs to be eaten quickly and the whole family is aware of it at a glance when they open the fridge. If at the end of the week some products are still in the basket, we know they must be thrown away (unfortunately!)

Tip # 16: Treat yourself!

Household appliances After having worked as much, we have a small decoration workshop, for example with masking tape. This is useless except to brighten up your fridge and your everyday life a little. We can also have fun adding some labels to the cheese box or the yogurt basket. ** Assessment ** After two weeks, the finding is more than positive. The refrigerator gets dirty much less quickly. We can see more clearly and we therefore limit the mess. We see that the children get into the game and appreciate being able to take out the cheeses or yogurts on their own.