Letters and words as decorative patterns

Letters and words as decorative patterns

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The letters of the alphabet do as they please. In lower case, in upper case, in script or attached, sometimes forming a word or a sentence, they come together, follow one another and create a very graphic accumulation. A decorative motif in its own right to find on the following 10 objects and accessories.

Words galore

La Redoute ### Here is a suspension that does not lack appeal! Its lampshade displays press titles printed in all directions without complex. Words in shambles, for an urban and stylized rendering.

Capital letters are displayed

Purpose ### This clock makes fun of the 12 Arabic numerals usually used to indicate the time. The latter is now displayed in capital letters ... and in English! Contemporary and original.

Upside down alphabet

Goal ### Strangely graphic, the carpet with its untidy alphabet, its letters not really aligned, sometimes straight, sometimes oblique!

The letters of the alphabet get tangled

Ikéa ### The letters of the alphabet scroll on this bed linen without worrying about the order. In a room that wants to be graphic and arty, we adopt!

A "glamorous" wardrobe in every sense of the word

Goal ### On the wardrobe door, the word "glamor" written pink on white has been ad infinitum, always in the same font but in different sizes! Visually, it's ultra graphic.

The bed says "Good night"

Goal ### "Good night" ("good night" in English), this is the message we wanted to pass the bed linen by declining these two words in different characters.

The Eiffel Tower erected on words

Dezign ### All the words that evoke the Eiffel Tower have come together to recreate its silhouette, from the "Iron Lady" to "Champs de Mars". An ideal adhesive style to energize walls!

Press headlines on the carpet

Goal ### From the New York Times to the International Herald Tribune, the names of the most famous English-language newspapers rush down the carpet, forming an accumulation of highly decorative characters.

A long poetic phrase on bed linen

Fly ### Here, the bed is blowing a few freehand verses: and we let ourselves be overcome by sleep…