The wallpaper plays on accumulations like a collection!

The wallpaper plays on accumulations like a collection!

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If you tend to collect and accumulate everything, these new-style wallpapers should appeal to you! Indeed, we now find wallpapers that use everyday objects as patterns (or not) and this in often mind-blowing proportions. Demonstration in pictures!

Ornithophiles wallpaper

The collection ### Fans should be interested in this very original wallpaper which accumulates the small huts which shelter the birds. Each strip of paper has cabins of different colors to create a soft and charming atmosphere that will bring a country style to the room.

Lepidopterophiles wallpaper

Ella Doran ### Wondering what a lepidopterophile collects? You will only have to look at this wallpaper to understand it: they collect butterflies. And they risk having their account with this wallpaper that multiplies butterflies in different sizes and colors!

Fibulanomists' wallpaper

The collection ### Fibulanomists collect pimples! But this wallpaper will also appeal to all lovers of sewing or fashion. It brings together several buttons of different sizes and colors that seem to be sewn on the paper to make the wall original and graphic!

The platokaolinophiles wallpaper

The collection ### Those who collect plates will no longer need to display their treasure in furniture and display cases because they will have plates even on the walls! This wallpaper in shades of blue multiplies the plates to create an outdated atmosphere on the wall. With this wallpaper, we will have to insure the dishes!

Wood lovers wallpaper

Rash ### And if nobody collects the wooden logs, those who have a fireplace or who like the chalet atmosphere will be delighted by this wallpaper which takes up an accumulation of wooden logs as if they were stored while waiting for be burned. Ideal for warming up a room!


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