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Rocking effect in children's room

Rocking effect in children's room

While adults dream of a rocking chair to swing in the living room, children demand their XXS version model. Moreover, in their bedroom, the rocking effect is also available in the form of a horse or even a motorcycle! So playful that it is impossible to resist it. Demonstration in pictures.

A plush rocking horse

La Redoute ### Walk, trot, gallop! Presentation of an adorable rocking horse whose pink velvet and liberty fabric makes us crack. This is without counting on its "big plush" look which should undoubtedly appeal to little girls!

A rocking motorbike

Fly ### The latest addition to the "rocking" family, the rocking motorcycle is a playful variation of the horse with the same name. Something to delight little boys!

An orange rocking horse

Fly ### Real crush for this orange rocking horse. Apart from the pleasure that the little wolves will take play with, this object comes to decorate the decor of the room with a playful touch a touch of retro to which we can only say yes!

A rattan rocking chair

AM.PM ### On this woven rattan rocking chair, toddlers take themselves for adults, but above all, they savor the pleasure of swinging. The most decorative? A little cocooning side thanks to the fully rounded back which should enhance the bedroom.