How to create a bohemian style kitchen?

How to create a bohemian style kitchen?

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Flowers, color, a touch of ethnic style, a bit of romanticism ... the bohemian decoration has its own codes inspired by travel, warm and colorful. Previously very busy with patterns and trinkets, it has been lightened over the years to form a fresher set that is better suited to everyday life. In the kitchen, the bohemian decoration undoubtedly brings a little taste, moreover, chic and exotic. offers you 10 sources of inspiration for a nomadic and romantic cuisine!

Flowered dishes

Pip Studio Centerpiece of all bohemian kitchens, the flowery and vintage dish service takes us back to the time of tasty snacks with grandparents. We choose mismatched plates in flea markets and garage sales for maximum decorative effect when setting his table!

A rainbow credenza

Bed & Style How about brushing up your old credenza? Very easy to make, this Do It Yourself gives freshness and pep to your dining area without spending too much. The brightly colored caravan-style tiles sprinkle a little taste elsewhere and contribute to the bohemian touch of your kitchen!

Back to basics

AM PM The bohemian spirit also lies in the choice of materials for its furniture and accessories: we favor ecological materials and second-hand objects to perfect its nomadic and mixed decoration. A mixture of ethnic, oriental, vintage and Asian styles, the bohemian style is above all an art of living!

Mixing genres

e-mag deco This bohemian kitchen is a fine example of the decorative mix between vintage - with the fridge in the 50s design and cement tiles, nomadic style with enameled dishes, and contemporary with current kitchen furniture. It's up to you to imagine your own agreements!

A Chinese thermos

La Fiancée du Mékong Enamelled metal, the Chinese-inspired thermos is a beautiful object that can be used as a container, a vase or simply as decoration in your bohemian kitchen. Inspired by "return from the east", it invites you to travel and delicately colors the room.

Colorful tiles

Ikea Good news, you don't have to transform your kitchen into a rainbow-to give it a bohemian atmosphere! If you are a fan of sobriety, opt, as in the photo, for a pretty splashback in cement tiles that will gently awaken the classic colors of your kitchen.

Exposing your treasures

JJ Locations In a display case, on a shelf or cupboard without a door, display your treasures and travel souvenirs, accompanied by your prettiest dishes. The whole forms an eclectic whole full of charm, especially if you mix styles and influences!

Sobriety chic and bohemian

e-mag deco We fall for the old-fashioned charm of this retro kitchen and a touch of boo. Here, the authentic takes precedence over the superfluous, the furniture and accessories are few but well chosen. Favorite for the wall-drainer shelf, which allows you to store and display your pretty dishes.

Enameled dishes

La Fiancée du Mékong Between Russian inspiration and Indian motifs, the enameled tableware brings fantasy and nomadic breath to the kitchen. Let yourself be carried away by the bucolic spirit of timpani, pitchers and spice jars at low prices!