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BoConcept unveils its new 2015 collection

BoConcept unveils its new 2015 collection

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Furniture maker BoConcept unveils its new 2015 collection. Rooted in its era and working with talented designers, the brand is no exception to the rule this fall. Pure lines, noble materials, colorful colors, functional fittings, contemporary design are always there!

Armchairs that adapt to your lifestyle

BoConcept Armchairs can be adapted to suit your lifestyle. If you like to sit, lie down, tilt or even swivel, there is a wide choice of models and possible finishes. Note: the return of caramel-colored leather!

A designer bed but not only…

BoConcept This bed is not just a bed! If you lift the mattress you will find inside a storage chest to arrange your blankets, bed linen and pillows ... A very discreet space-saving tip!

A clever office all in one

BoConcept This desk hides 3 compartments in its tray for efficient storage. We also like the built-in speakers in the office and the space provided to hide unsightly cables.

A clear and refined office

BoConcept The Scandinavian influence of the brand is felt here. This desk with sober and graphic lines combined with pure white and light tones displays a very successful Nordic style.

Design a key value

BoConcept The chairs mix their legs and their seats according to your desires. In all sobriety or on the contrary in a punchy spirit, you choose!

Customizable furniture

BoConcept In the foreground, the Ogi armchair and its footrest can be personalized according to your needs to adapt to your decor. An important value at BoConcept!

A contemporary living room

BoConcept This living room perfectly combines two radically different styles. In a classic decor, the furniture with contemporary lines takes place and enhance each other.


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