The small storage spaces we adopt for the start of the school year

The small storage spaces we adopt for the start of the school year

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This year, it's decided, you say no to the bazaar throughout the house! To help you keep this good resolution, we have selected for you 10 small practical storage spaces ranging from the basket to the suitcase through an old trunk and a hat box. In the bedroom, the living room or in the bathroom, the watchword is ORGANIZATION. Here are our 10 ideas to steal.

A trunk as a coffee table

You have found a pretty flat trunk in a garage sale and you do not know how to stage it? Install it in the living room as a coffee table. You can even store your plaids or DVDs there.

A trunk to store wood

So that the logs you put in the stove this winter do not drag negligently in the living room, we install a large and old wooden trunk in which we store everything. Once closed, the visual effect is much smoother.

Small baskets in the bathroom

In the bathroom, we put here and there lots of small baskets to organize. Makeup on one side, creams on the other, perfumes on the last. Easy to order everything!

Two large wicker trunks at the end of the bed

In the bedroom, we put on two large wicker trunks that we place at the end of the bed. So everyone has their own to store their belongings without encroaching on the space of the other.

Colorful suitcases for children

To vitaminate the room of your little blond heads while creating additional storage spaces, adopt without delay these yellow, orange and red metal suitcases that we install on top of each other. Convenient to drag anything lying around!

A more neutral suitcase for parents

These metal suitcases are also available in the parents' bedroom in a sober version to become the bedside table. Original, functional, we say a big yes to this idea which combines decor and practicality!

Suitcases traveling

The suitcases really create the decor in our interiors. To give them a little retro look so much appreciated at the moment, we don't hesitate to stick old travel stickers on it. Montreal, Paris, Madrid…

Felt boxes in the office

In your bookcase, dare the storage boxes to hide everything that is not very aesthetic like cables and paperwork. Our favorite for the fall decor: gray felt models that are as elegant as they are warm.

Old suitcases

Finally, in the bedroom, you can also play with suitcases of different sizes that you will stack on top of each other. More storage won while bringing more decoration.


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