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Nude, when the invisible becomes visible

Nude, when the invisible becomes visible

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In the family "Less is more" I claim Nude, a very young brand born in Istanbul and which awakens the art of glassmaking. If it is predicted to be an overwhelming success it is because it is totally in tune with the times, simple without being boring, transparent without being invisible. A fine work on the good taste of discretion.

Signature Ron Arad

Nude Ron Arad, architect and industrial designer, thought of his collection created for Nude as the symbiosis between form and function. The Wine Party glasses end with a foot capable of entering a trouser pocket to free the hands while the Ring decanter is distinguished by its cylindrical shape which improves the breathing of the wine. Ron Arad Wine Party wine glasses (large model), Nude, € 90 for 2 glasses DecanteRing decanter (limited edition) by Ron Arad, Nude, € 700

Nude decanters

Nude Mr and Mrs in the Loft Sleeping collection, this night carafe takes on the appearance of a benevolent character who ensures your good sleep (65 €) Final (70 €) in the Loft Dining collection signs the perfect harmony between glass and cork. Finally Cybele (45 €), in the same collection, pours in friendship with its XXL capacity.

Cooking Nude

Nude Gazebo, cake bell (100 €) is part of the Loft Kitchen collection which includes useful and inspiring objects. Modern in spirit while being timeless, this series is based on a clever combination of utility and beauty.


Nude Three boxes that appear very simple but which reveal all their fragility thanks to the thinness of the glass and the delicacy of the powdery pink (from 25 to 32 €).


Nude The simple can be plural, the proof with these three vases with refined forms but radically different: Magnolia vase, 95 €, Inca vase and Toque vase.


Nude Impossible not to mention the most obvious function for glass with, precisely, glasses. Nude offers several series specially studied according to the drink without putting aside the beauty of the object. Dimple series, wine glasses.