10 children's wallpapers selected by Ferm Living

10 children's wallpapers selected by Ferm Living

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In the children's room, the wallpaper can be very original to create a playful and very decorative atmosphere! At Ferm Living, you will find patterned wallpapers that are sure to appeal to little ones. Presentation in pictures!

A very soft nature wallpaper

Ferm Living ### If you prefer that the tree motif is less present, you can also choose a less vivid color. The trees are then adorned with a pinkish gray on a white background in order to be more discreet.

Cars wallpaper for boys

Ferm Living ### Because from a very young age little boys love cars, we offer them a wallpaper that multiplies cars and buses on the wall. Called "Rush Hour", this wallpaper is aptly named because the number of cars is such that it really reminds of peak hours.

A very soft car wallpaper

Ferm Living ### In the same spirit as the car wallpaper, you will also find a model in much softer colors which almost make the motif disappear. Indeed the cars have a nice gray on a white background so as not to contrast too much and to be easy to use.

Butterflies wallpaper for girls

Ferm Living ### For a romantic spirit, we put on the "Butterflies" wallpaper where butterflies and dragonflies fly in a sky adorned with rainbows. In terms of color, mauve, in light and dark tones, will delight little girls.

A little train wallpaper

Ferm Living ### For boys and girls, we choose wallpaper that multiplies the little trains that transport trees, funny animals and other curiosities. The tones are very soft to adapt to the children's room and keep a good light in the room.

Circus animal wallpaper

Ferm Living ### To brighten up the kids' room, you can also choose a wallpaper that features portraits of small circus animals. So a panda with a hat, an elephant with a green polka dot tunic and a tie fox will become your children's best friends!

Robot wallpaper

Ferm Living ### And for technology fans of the future, we put on a wallpaper entirely covered with funny robots! Pastel shades soften the pattern to create a wallpaper that is both soft and graphic that little boys will love!

Harlequin wallpaper

Ferm Living ### To create a very cheerful style in the bedroom, we put on a harlequin pattern with small diamonds colored in blue and orange colors ranging from the brightest to the lightest. This motif is sure to bring the wall to life.

A very urban wallpaper

Ferm Living ### If you live in the city, your child may want it to move into their bedroom as well. You can then opt for the village wallpaper which reproduces lots of different and very decorative small houses.


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