20 offices at low prices for the start of the school year

20 offices at low prices for the start of the school year

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Back to school is an opportunity for young and old alike to change offices! But be careful to have fun without breaking the bank. The editorial staff has put together a nice selection of trendy offices for all tastes with a tight budget: 250 euros. Good shopping !

Corner office

FMD Möbel Opting for a corner desk will save you space and always have the storage you need close at hand. FMD Möbel Corner Desk, € 170.18 at

Some touches of pastel

Maisons du Monde With its pretty pastel drawers, this little white desk with a scandi look can only be successful. White wooden desk, € 199.90 at Maisons du Monde

Wood and braces

La Redoute Interieurs Made of solid pine, this minimalist desk will add style to any room in your home. We particularly like the cross details on the sides. Solid pine desk, € 162.46 on

Industrial trend

GOAL If you like the industrial trend, look no further, here is the office for you. Industrial office, € 176.45 at BUT

Scandi and steel

PURPOSE We love this very practical scandi desk with its cable holder. Scandinavian desk, € 114.69 at BUT

A romantic secretary

Maisons du Monde Romantique, this small white wooden desk decorated with a big heart would almost make you want to start a letter-writing relationship. Secretary desk in white wood, € 149.90 at Maisons du Monde

The desk that had only two feet

La Redoute Interieurs Provided with only two feet, this console leans on a wall to be able to stand up. Original by its shape, it offers a very designer workspace. Console desk, € 129.75 on

Minimalist design

IKEA Here is one that does not make waves. With its minimalist design and neutral color, this desk fits into any decor. Practical with its two drawers, it also has a system that allows cables to be grouped together. Gray desk, € 149 at Ikea

Serenity blue

La Redoute Interieurs Practical with its column of drawers, this desk is in line with the 2016 trend with its beautiful Serenity blue from Pantone. 4-drawer desk, € 198.12 on

Rustico romantic

Maisons du Monde Beautiful whitewashed gray wood and heart-shaped details: this small desk is the perfect touch of rustic romanticism. Secretary desk in gray wood, € 129.90 at Maisons du Monde

Pretty bamboo

IKEA Built in bamboo, this desk is particularly resistant. We like its minimalist design. Bamboo desk, € 139 at Ikea

Charming office

La Redoute Interieurs A well thought out design, beautifully drawn lines: this white desk is a real charming asset. Console desk, € 162.46 on

Secretary of yesteryear

Maisons du Monde Add to your interior a touch of old-fashioned romance with this pretty wooden secretary desk. Wooden secretary desk, € 189.90 at Maisons du Monde

Glass and metal

IKEA In addition to being sold at an incredibly low price, this tempered glass and steel desk offers designer support for your laptop. Glass laptop table, € 35 at Ikea

Both functional and design

VidaXL Functional and design, this computer table will not disappoint. Computer table with two drawers, € 69.99 at Vida XL

The evolving office

IKEA The evolutionary slits have been around for decades. Ikea today markets an evolving office that will grow with your child and support him until adolescence and - why not - his adult life. Scalable desk, € 59 at Ikea

Secretary design

Vida XL Design and practical, this beautiful secretary offers several storage spaces with its two large drawers and five compartments. Computer table, € 124.99 at Vida XL

Industrial and New Yorkers

Maisons du Monde If this "New York loft" spirit is what you want to infuse into your interior design, this industrial-style office is for you. Industrial desk in printed black wood, € 169.90 at Maisons du Monde

The alliance of scandi and dark wood

Vida XL Once is not custom, the dark wood is combined with the Scandinavian style to offer us a beautiful desk. Brown desk, € 89.99 at Vida XL


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