Airbnb: our 5 favorite apartments in Stockholm

Airbnb: our 5 favorite apartments in Stockholm

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Do you like Nordic style and your dream destination is Stockholm? This is good, the editorial team of launched the bet to find for you the prettiest apartments for rent in the Swedish capital on Airbnb. Are you ready to travel? Follow us…

A designer apartment

Airbnb The master bedroom plays with natural tones to feel like in a small cocoon. We like the little touches of mustard yellow arranged here and there that instantly warm the atmosphere. 338 euros per night

A 100% Scandinavian apartment

Airbnb Sideboard in teak, marble coffee table, sofa in light gray fabric, here we are immersed in a 100% Scandinavian living room. We like the library wall which houses both the books of the occupants and decorative objects found around the world.

A 100% Scandinavian apartment

Airbnb We love this very small room which has been able to play the cozy card with cozy bed linen and pastel colors. The most decorative: a forest atmosphere wallpaper and some green plants that bring a natural and soothing touch. 90 euros per night

A practical apartment

Airbnb We like the Scandinavian style mixed with bright colors that characterizes this apartment located in the district of Gröndal. You will appreciate in fine weather its terrace on which you can have your breakfasts.

A practical apartment

Airbnb The bedroom, located on the mezzanine, has been able to come in handy despite its small size. Composed of a large bed and a small opening, it takes full advantage of the light that infiltrates the apartment. 90 euros per night

A cocoon apartment

Airbnb A real favorite for this warm, bright apartment located in the center of Stockholm. We like the window sill where green plants, lamps and vases were installed to create the decor. We dream of basking in it, don't you?

A cocoon apartment

Airbnb The room is like traditional Scandinavian interiors with a predominance of white and pastel accessories. The most decorative that we remember: terrestrial globes hanging from the ceiling and a planisphere at the head of the bed ... exotic! 158 euros per night

A black and white apartment

Airbnb We love this cozy apartment located on the pleasant south island of Stockholm. Here, black and white dominate with clear fabric sofas and decorative accessories with trendy graphic prints.

A black and white apartment

Airbnb In the bedroom too, black and white has tastefully established itself while retaining the essence of the Nordic style with furniture with clean lines. Only the turquoise bedside lamp brings a little touch of color to the room. Charming ! 219 euros per night


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