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10 gates to reconcile style and security

10 gates to reconcile style and security

Without us realizing it, the first thing we discover about a house is its portal. Also, it should be treated to afford a house that has style but that does not joke with security. A quick tour of the decorative portals to discover in pictures.

An authentic portal

Lapeyre For a traditional house or a country spirit, the authentic metal gate is undoubtedly the best solution. It offers a worked style thanks to stylized bars while offering you good security.

A classic portal

Castorama Here, the portal plays the classic card by taking up the barriers of the fence to give a certain unity to the whole. The white color gives an elegant and timeless style which allows to adapt to all types of housing.

A classic XXL portal

Leroy Merlin Here, the portal with classic appearances plays the card of originality due to its size which will allow large vehicles to enter the house. Automated, it then opens by sliding on the side.

A 2 in 1 portal

Lapeyre Here, this house offers not a design portal but two! The first large will be used for the passage of cars while the gate will be very useful for pedestrians. The whole is in full panels in order to protect the inhabitants from outside looks.

A contemporary wooden gate

Castorama To mix with style a welcoming and contemporary portal, we opt for a wooden cladding in refined forms and aluminum bars. The whole is then modern and warm.

A discreet wooden gate

Leroy Merlin At first glance, it is difficult to distinguish the portal from the blinds as it plays the card of discretion in order to offer continuity in the fence. The wooden panels provide relief to the portal for an original and very natural style.

A design portal

Lapeyre If you want a more design model, you can turn to the more refined gates which have PVC or aluminum sections which you will then choose in black to establish the style.

An original portal

Leroy Merlin In PVC, this gate plays the card of originality with a solid part and another perforated at the level of the opening in order to recall the possible fence and to offer a view on the outside without having to open the portal.

A personalized portal

Leroy Merlin And if you want to create a portal in your image, you can bet on personalization. Indeed, some brands like Leroy Merlin offer decorations to add to the surface of the portal. This is how bubbles create a design style at the entrance to the property.