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Back to school: 10 tips to keep everything going well

Back to school: 10 tips to keep everything going well

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When your child enters high school, the time has come to radically review the decoration of his room. As a teenager, he has new needs, new desires. But beware, these changes should not interfere with his work at school. Here are 10 layout ideas to combine business with pleasure and create the perfect back-to-school room.

We highlight the workspace

Aim It is not always easy to make teenagers who want to have more fun wanting to be on the floor. With a platform system, a podium desk allows you to focus on homework and unfold the bed when the time is right to relax.

Everything in its time and in its place

Leroy Merlin Another tip to focus your child's attention on his lessons: delimit the spaces here, thanks to an open library. With a sleeping area, dedicated to rest, and an office area, more conducive to concentration, it will be easy to work in peace.

Zoom on accessories

Castorama Urban atmosphere for this teenage bedroom where objects hold a special place. Desk lamp, boxes of all kinds, wallpaper, and other gadgets, nothing is left to chance. With the accessories he has chosen, your child will be able to create his own decoration.

Free rein to the imagination

Ikea We are also setting up a space dedicated to creation, as with this steel wire for pinning photos, ideas, drawings. We also think of cork-inspired panels or a system of magnets.


Mobalpa We let him choose his colors and his furniture. Here, the raspberry and plum tones enhance this attic bedroom. Pink is still popular with girls for a colorful and sparkling style. In boys, the trend is anise green or indigo.

Make way for improvisation

Vox With customizable and modular furniture, your child creates his own space. This concept allows you to change the decoration regularly, according to your ideas, which generally do not last more than a year. Good plan !

Loft spirit

Novamobili Why not allow them to assert their desire for independence by transforming their room into a studio? In a contemporary spirit, the room is a real living room with a small sleeping area on the mezzanine equipped with a desk. What best receive all friends.

New needs

Rohr As soon as they enter high school, and after responding to their desire for independence, it is important to give them more responsibility. Often, they can have a personal TV, and even a game console in their bedroom. The decoration must then adapt to its new functionalities.

From space !

Tomasella Compas Clean and modern, this room is perfect for a teenager dreaming of space and tranquility. With studied storage, an overhead desk, and soothing colors, easy to find your marks and appropriate your walls!


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