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Suspend you will save space

Suspend you will save space

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When space becomes increasingly scarce, raise your head and take advantage of the walls and ceiling to free up space on the floor and thus gain a few precious centimeters. Clothes, furniture, objects, plants hang. Discover 10 atmospheres and note the 10 good tips.

Chairs go up to the wall

Ikea Free up your floor space by hanging folding folding chairs on the wall. Practical, when you receive so that everyone is comfortably seated and they have been chosen in black for their design and decorative aspect.

Accessories on hanger

Ikea Use the walls to display your most beautiful fashion accessories. Like a fashion studio, hang them on hangers and hang them on the walls.

Take your decor up a ladder

La Redoute This shelf ladder is efficient storage to have everything close at hand without visually cluttering the space. Radio, alarm clock, magazines and boxes are installed on the shelves that make up this ladder.

A hanging vegetable garden

A bamboo ladder placed against the balcony wall allows you to hang pots of aromatic herbs. Parsley, basil, thyme hang from the bars and are easily accessible at the time of picking.

0 lost space for 100% optimal storage

Ikea This special "attic" equipment allows shelves to be placed even on a sloping wall. White colors like the wall, they fit perfectly into the decor.

A hanging chair

Ikea Oust, the bulky armchair legs and space for ropes to hang a large and comfortable wicker seat.

Do the same with the steel wire

Ikea Lighter and more airy than its rod counterpart, the steel wire also makes it possible to suspend and hang with hangers objects as different as a newspaper or photos.

Coat hooks for decluttering

Ikea In an entrance hall, a laundry room or a dressing room does not clutter the floor space by piling up your bags. Prefer to hang coat hooks on the wall to hang your bags, baskets or shopping bags. Much more visible, it is easy to find the bag that will best suit your outing.

Divert rods

Ikea The curtain rods are diverting from their primary function to become an original storage space.