Architect's advice: how to arrange a bathroom open to the bedroom?

Architect's advice: how to arrange a bathroom open to the bedroom?

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The fusion of spaces is a resolutely contemporary layout principle: after the kitchen open to the living room, the bathroom opens onto the bedroom. These two spaces dedicated to well-being and rest merge into a harmonious whole, and it is no longer necessary to live in a loft to knock down the partitions and offer a real parental suite. On the contrary, the opening of the spaces allows a significant saving of space, and even offers the occupants the illusion of being on vacation, like at a hotel. For a successful layout, it will be necessary to take into account the degree of privacy sought, the available space, the lifestyle, and the needs of each. Technically, two rules will have to be respected whatever the layout: perfect ventilation and maintaining a good temperature on the bathroom side. Aesthetically, the two decorations must be unified (colors, coatings, etc.).

Bathroom open to the bedroom: elements in a row

Fremantle Media This 2.20 mx 3.30 m bathroom is largely open to the bedroom and located in islands. Bed, vanity top and glass shower with extra flat shower tray follow one another in a row in the volume. All the elements are arranged in the same alignment. Without a partition, the bathroom fits perfectly into the bedroom. These two spaces in the same volume make it possible to visually enlarge the room and offer more clarity: bathroom and bedroom sharing the same through light. This location is a reflection of the current trend towards openness (the "open space" bathroom).

Bathroom open to the bedroom: an invisible block behind the headboard and the dressing room

Angélique BLANC This 2.90 mx 2.20 m bathroom opens onto the master bedroom and is completely visually unsuspected. Hidden behind the headboard and the dressing room, it is installed like an invisible block, thus truly preserving privacy, while allowing occupants to go from bed to shower in two steps. In addition, the decorative harmony between the bedroom and the bathroom will be less demanding here (the floor coverings in particular may be able to be different). Technically, the room is perfectly ventilated thanks to the window located in front of the basin, and a controlled mechanical ventilation as quiet as possible can possibly be installed.

Bathroom open to the bedroom: elements staged

Angélique BLANC In this 4.40 mx 1.90 m bathroom, aesthetics are as important as functionality. The elements of this piece are staged, completely part of the decoration. The bathtub and sink are placed like on a theater, and are chosen for their design and aesthetics. Only the WC is slightly concealed, without loss of space. The volume is extremely bright as it benefits from direct daylight and light passing through the glass partition above the headboard. The two volumes, bathroom and bedroom each keep their specificity, their destination, while marrying perfectly. Only drawback: the mess should be avoided in the bathroom because there is nothing to hide it!