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Very decorative wall lights for the children's room

Very decorative wall lights for the children's room

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To gracefully light up the interior, nothing like choosing efficient and decorative lighting. In the child's bedroom, we say no to classic wall lights to favor playful and poetic models. Everything to highlight the light and imaginative mood of toddlers! Examples in pictures.

The lit bear

Zoolight In addition to looking after our child, this bear head will bring a dim light to the room. Design and fun, this wall lamp kit is to be assembled (with or without the help of a small) to get this nice light.

Radiant smile

Lighthink Box To start the day off right, there's nothing like turning on this light wooden and plexiglass box. One word: SMILE, to take as advice for the mood of the day!

Decorative boat

April Eleven Once upon a time there was a small ship! With such a wall lamp near his bed, your child will have no difficulty in working his imagination. Made of wood, simple to fix and handmade, it will easily find its place in a child's room.

The bright star

Buokids Impossible not to have your head in the stars at the sight of this wall lamp. What is special about this light? It is customizable. The edge wire and the cable are to be defined by you (or your toddler).

Unicorn head

La Redoute What if we gave life to the unicorn myth? With this luminous trophy, the favorite animal of children will make their space as fantastic as an enchanted tale. Twitter on waking guaranteed!

The wall lamp in fawn-tine

Ferm Living Bambi invites itself into the world of little ones, to make them share the nostalgia of our childhood. And not to sulk at the pleasure, know that the light is made of 100% smoked oak wood. We love !

Lotus hanging

Madebysissinou For a soft and elegant atmosphere in a bridesmaid's room, this hanging lotus-shaped wall lamp will be a perfect graphic and colorful asset. And who knows, maybe give your little one an unexpected passion for origami!

Applies to the square

Delamaison Nothing beats the stars to make the eyes of your little ones shine. By adding a modern touch thanks to the metal and cheerful by the blue color, it is a sure bet! Obviously, some will be happy to fall asleep under the stars…

The lamp takes off

Ferm Living What better way to escape than a hot air balloon above your bed? This oak lamp will accompany children in their dream of a trip around the world. A sober and effective accessory at the same time.