"Ladder" look for towel racks!

"Ladder" look for towel racks!

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In the towel rack family, I call the ladder trend! Adored both for its practicality and for its graphic aspect, its success continues to climb in ranks ... Here are 10 models with varied styles to make you succumb.

Bamboo ladder towel rack

AM.PM In a Japanese-style bathroom, a bamboo towel holder is welcome. Here, this chic and natural touch contrasts wonderfully with the 100% gray bias of the room and the bathroom linen.

Homemade ladder towel rack

D'Home Productions Adopting the trend of towel racks / ladders is possible even without buying one in store. What you need: 3 broomsticks, paint and a little rope! Or rather discover our step by step video, by clicking here ... Attention, you will be amazed!

Towel rack offset

Fleux To bring a touch of fantasy to the bathroom, why not set your sights on a towel rack with an unusual look? Our last word, here it is: a wooden ladder dotted with false white bolts, in short, a ladder as chic as it is offset. Bet won!

Stainless steel ladder towel rack Simple, thin and refined, this stainless steel ladder towel holder is ideal for a contemporary and minimalist bathroom.

Towel rack radiator ladder

Leroy Merlin Not content with the "towel holder" function, this pretty brushed stainless steel ladder also carries the "radiator" cap. A 2 in 1 module, chic, discreet and space-saving. Who says better ?

Towel rack ladder at half height

La Redoute A towel holder at the height of the bathtub? This is ideal for a better grip! In the form of a semi-ladder with folding foot, it graciously accompanies our well-deserved relaxation breaks.

Space-saving ladder towel rack

Castorama Notice to small bathrooms! This ladder-shaped wall towel rack is great for taking advantage of doors and walls. Thus, we do not lose any square centimeter on the ground. Long live space saving solutions!

Towel rack with straight ladder

L'Hirondelle No deviation in style for this straight and symmetrical ladder, the only fantasy of which is the alternation of white / gray colors of the steps!

Stepladder towel rack

Cooke & Lewis Leaning against the wall like a stepladder, this wooden towel rack aims for originality. Equipped with mini shelves, you can wisely stack the bath linen rather than hanging it!