A weekend in the Côtes d'Armor in Brittany

A weekend in the Côtes d'Armor in Brittany

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Take your sneakers and your windbreaker: it is high time to make the last excursions in Brittany before the temperatures are definitively crippling. The Breton landscapes are magnificent even in the Autumn, so let's take advantage of it: Head for the Côtes d'Armor, for a stay that is above all natural and of course very gourmet (ah… Breton gastronomy!)…

Fantastic landscape of pink granite blocks

E.Spiegelhalter - CRTB It will then be time to put on your sneakers for a pretty westernmost getaway in the region, along the coast of the English Channel and you will therefore reach Ploumanac'h. You will then discover an exceptional natural site that you will be able to contemplate at best by taking the customs path. Imposing pink granite rocks, sculpted and smoothed by the wind and waves for 300 million years, which over the millennia have taken on shapes, unusual, improbable and make the landscape almost unreal…

Medieval cities: Quintin and Moncontour

Jos Van De Ven - CRTB After a very natural walk along the pink granite rocks, you will return further east inland for a cultural excursion. On your way 2 charming medieval cities will be to visit without having to hesitate: Quintin and Moncontour. You will discover their period architecture, their castles, their ramparts, their history marked by the weavers, the canvas makers as well as by the Chouannerie.

Breton gastronomy at the Crouzil Restaurant

Restaurant Maxime and J. Pierre Crouzil - CRTB You will no doubt be hungry and above all the desire to discover Breton gastronomy. By dint of strolling along the beaches, through the ports, you will feel your taste buds tantalizing at the approach of shellfish and crustaceans and may have already succumb to the oysters of Paimpol and the sweet smell of crêperies. Anyway, in Plancoët, you can feast your palate with tasty and original cuisine in a renowned gourmet restaurant: at Maxime & Jean-Pierre Crouzil restaurant, a temple of Breton gastronomy.

Cap Fréhel and Fort La-Latte, unmissable sites

E.Spiegelhalter - CRTB The last stage of your stay in the Côtes d'Armor will be a visit to an unmissable site in Brittany. Even further east by going up on the coast, you will stop at Cap Fréhel to enjoy a magnificent landscape composed of cliffs, moors and a multitude of sea birds. At the top of the cliff, 70 meters above the waves, the medieval fortress of Fort La-Latte dating from the 14th century is essential; just like, for you, his visit.