The 7th art is invited in the living room

The 7th art is invited in the living room

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Notice to moviegoers, the living room takes on the air of Hollywood films. From equipment to furnishings, you will find many accessories to pay homage to the 7th art. The furniture is inspired by films, by your favorite stars, but also by cinemas and film sets. Discover 10 ideas to transform your living room. Action!

Home cinema

Loewe Centerpiece of movie theaters, the XXL screen stands in the center of your room. We associate the TV with speakers designed for optimal sound, because a cinema-style living room is nothing without the right equipment. The idea? You can also reserve a section of wall - white of course - for your private screenings.

Pop icons

3 Suisses We love this colorful pouffe with the image of timeless cinema figures. Humphrey Bogart, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean or Audrey Hepburn, all are represented on this pear which evokes the lively style of Andy Warhol but above all which invites to relaxation.

Poster headers

Castorama Moments out of scope, more intimate, with mythical scenes, the actors are revealed in your stay in the form of black and white photos. We love the abundance effect, a multitude of frames to create a gallery space.

In the spotlight

Purpose It is the accessory that transforms your decoration and transports you to a film set. This tripod floor lamp gives a modern look to your living room. One can also use spotlights, fixed to the ceiling, or portable lamps of style studio.

Behind the scenes

Maisons du Monde We are diverting the storage boxes of cinema technicians in an ultra-trendy trunk. In the same spirit, they are available as a coffee table, as here, in a TV stand or chest of drawers. Raw and industrial atmosphere guaranteed!

The passion of the stick

Delamaison Alternatives to real objects inspired by the 7th art, the stickers are the low-budget solution for creating a cinema atmosphere with a touch of fantasy. These adhesives stick everywhere and are available in many sizes and shapes - clapper, projector, reel, or whatever symbol you like.

In the skin of the shea '

Carl Hansen & Son Nothing could be more classic than the famous director's chair. This folding canvas chair is very practical. Because in addition to its style, it is multi-use. As an extra, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Tip: customize your armchair by embroidering your name or that of one of your idols!

At the end of the pan

Castorama No more ordinary wallpaper! We opt for a single and central strip - film spirit - which gives cinemascope airs to the living room.

Couple of stars

Maisons du Monde Invite your favorite actors to your home! This pair of armchairs once again puts stars in the spotlight. A style apart, which transforms rather classic seats. You can also re-upholster your own seats for a personalized and therefore unique decoration.


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