How to light a living room with high ceilings?

How to light a living room with high ceilings?

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If the high ceilings are a dream, the lighting they are given is essential to create a warm atmosphere. By neglecting it, we take the risk of creating an impression of austerity due to the "cathedral" look of space. Zoom on the ideas to take to illuminate a very high living room.

Drop a batch of pendant lights from the ceiling

Roche Bobois Taking advantage of a high ceiling in terms of lighting is possible by opting for an aerial decoration! It is enough to stage the empty volume with suspensions. Here, we recreated the softness of the clouds walking in the sky thanks to paper lampshades with crumpled appearance. But you can also bet on suspensions of bulbs freely dispersed in the air at different heights or on a bouquet of wisely aligned suspensions floating barely 2.30 m from the ground to create a feeling of proximity.

Choose an arched floor lamp to illuminate the sofa corner

Fly The sofa is the central space of the living room: you can quietly read about it, doze off, settle down with friends to have an aperitif or to watch a family movie. If there is a place to be well lit in a living room with a high ceiling, this is it! The ideal? Choose a direct light because its proximity will make you feel in a warm space. Here is a beautiful example with this arched floor lamp!

Multiply light sources

Roche Bobois In a very high living room, it is difficult to guarantee sufficient brightness with a single light source: the lighting will quickly seem to get lost in the void. We therefore do not hesitate to multiply the lighting: table lamps, lampshades, floor lamps. In addition to ensuring good lighting, this accumulation will highlight different areas of the living room such as the library or the sofa area and refocus our gaze on the living space.

Bet on spots

Roche Bobois If the ceiling of your living room is high, you can consider lighting it with spotlights. Despite the distance between them and the floor, the fact that they cover the entire surface of the ceiling is enough to illuminate the space well. Several possibilities are available to you: spots to hang on cables to assert a modern side as above, spots recessed in the ceiling or in a false ceiling to reduce their distance from the ground. It's up to you!

A touch of contemporary

01 Lighting Here you discover a resolutely contemporary living room. To enhance the height of the room, very modern and square spotlights have been placed on the ceiling. The result is as trendy as it is elegant.

Suspensions of various sizes

01 Lighting To enhance a high-ceilinged living room, you can opt for a set of suspensions. Choose identical models but of various sizes and remember to play on the height when you install them.

Dare to be original

Castorama Having a high ceiling is an opportunity to bet on originality. Dare the offbeat, trendy, atypical lighting… Because they will be far from the furniture, they will be magnified.

The sobriety of a floor lamp

Maisons du Monde In this refined living room, it is the floor lamp which will enhance the height of the ceiling. Today, it is possible to choose a lamp according to its size and the brightness it will offer. Why deprive yourself?

A light suspension

Ikea A high ceiling must be dressed. For this, the ideal is to choose an XXL suspension which is distinguished by its lightness. Here we show you an overhead light, available at Ikea.

Simple but effective !

Artist workshop In this living room, magnified by a glass roof, the height of the ceiling is enhanced by a sober and urban light at the same time. It's up to you to play on height so that each element of the show is highlighted.

A light fitting

Tricia Guild Tricia Guild seduces us with its trendy and colorful decor. In this high-ceilinged living room, she decided to enhance the lighting by dressing it in colors. An idea of ​​genius!

A retro light

La Redoute In this very retro living room, an industrial-style light fixture highlights leather sofas and metal furniture. We love the natural colors that blend perfectly with black and white.

A winning duo

La Redoute Here, the height of the ceiling is magnified by two white and transparent lights. From the same collection, they have an identical design and different shapes.

Industrial and XXL

Solea Luminaire Here is our favorite! To enhance a high ceiling, three industrial and XXL light fixtures were installed. We love the simplicity of the design and the regularity of the installation.