5 storage ideas for the attic

5 storage ideas for the attic

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Let's exploit the roof space! With well thought out ideas, it is possible to take advantage of the height under the ridge to install storage space. Here are 5 ideas to adopt! Our attic development ideas to discover.

Low storage units

Goal ### To furnish the attic space, you can also count on low storage… provided that the height available under the ceiling allows it (at least 1 to 1.50 m). After having measured this available space, a chest of drawers or low shelves will be ideal for storing a few things, and in addition, they will act as shelves on which there are trinkets and other decorative items. Demonstration in pictures!

Wall storage for the office

Ikéa ### Creating a workspace under the eaves does not mean doing without tall storage! With modular shelves like here, even the sloping walls accommodate storage for the office. So we keep books, notebooks, files and other work materials close at hand!

A library under the eaves

Goal ### No need to have a high ceiling height to display your books! On a low shelf along an inclined wall or on a custom shelf, you can easily improvise a library corner.

Staircase storage furniture

Leroy Merlin ### To take advantage of the space available under a roof, think of the shelves and bookcases in the shape of a staircase! This shape thus follows the slope of the ceiling while leaving a free space above to nest there storage boxes. Here it is a dressing room that we have chosen to invest in a corner of the room. Separated from the rest of the space by a curtain, it is simple and practical!