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A contemporary office in the house

A contemporary office in the house

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In the contemporary house, the office is no longer necessarily a room in its own right but it fits into the bedroom, the living room and even the entrance. It is therefore essential that it fits into the decor style of your interior. To inspire you, here are five offices that will easily install in a contemporary interior.

A library office

Goal ### In order to take place in any room of the house, the office can also take the form of a complete unit in the manner of this office which integrates a library where to store its documents.

A functional office

Goal ### The office must be very functional. We then choose a refined piece of furniture in order to take up little space and to adapt to all spaces. Then, you can add multiple storage according to your needs. Our tip: think of furniture on casters that will allow you to modulate the space.

A desk against the wall

Ikea ### If you choose to install your office in the living room, consider using the wall surface. You can easily install a desk along the wall so that it takes up little space in the living room. Very practical, turning your back on the living room will allow you to better concentrate by creating a virtual separation.

A desk in front of the window

Ikea ### If you choose to place your office in your bedroom, consider making use of generally lost space. You can for example have your desk under the window to benefit from a great luminosity to work.