New generation carpet tiles to discover in pictures

New generation carpet tiles to discover in pictures

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We already knew carpet tiles in a square version that allows you to create original decorations on the floor. Interface now expands the possibilities of carpet tiles by offering Planks, rectangular carpet boards of 25 x 100 cm to be used alone or with traditional square tiles. The combinations are then limitless. The proof in 10 images that are sure to inspire you.

Separate rooms while providing a transition

Interface In this large open room, the rectangular carpet tiles create a smooth transition between the two spaces with colored rectangles that detach and extend into the other room.

Carpet tiles for a textured effect

Interface Note that you do not have to use different colors to benefit from the decorative effect of rectangular tiles. Indeed, they can allow you to create shapes in tone on tone. Here, the tiles are laid in a point as we would for a parquet. The effect is very elegant.

A pattern like a tile

Interface If you like the decorative possibilities of tiling but appreciate the comfort of the carpet, Planks is for you! Indeed, you can recreate original and graphic patterns by mixing rectangular boards with small squares.

A carpet with carpet

Interface Why not use carpet tiles to materialize a space within an open room? You can for example have different colored tiles under the living room table. Do not hesitate to create a shape with irregular borders for more style!

A raised floor

Interface To give relief to your floor, you will be able to bet on different rooms in a shades of color in order to create original optical effects. You can then create shapes that will remind you of Tetris games.

Original stripes

Interface The rectangular carpet tiles open the doors to you with narrow stripes to create a graphic and elegant decor with the number of colors you want. Make way for originality!

Geometric shapes

Interface Thanks to the stripe, you will be able to create many geometric shapes. Why not create squares in squares to offer you a chic floor with classic looks while taking advantage of the carpet.

Fantasy in the corridors

Interface In the corridors, passage rooms, dare to be original! You can then multiply the colors and graphic shapes to create a very original corridor that will create a surprise in your interior.

Endless possibilities

Interface The only limit to the patterns you can create is your imagination. You can create complete patterns or simply add colored bands to different places in the room.


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