Panorama of classic offices

Panorama of classic offices

As everyone gradually resumes their pace of work, the word office is everywhere. For those who want to equip themselves with a workspace only intended to store a few things, to write and to put down a laptop, there is no need to spend a fortune! The basic offices equipped with a few drawers will amply satisfy you. This is how we distinguish classic offices: simplicity, practicality and very reasonable price. Here are 5 illustrations.

A classic desk signed AM.PM

AM.PM ### What could be more classic than a wooden desk? Here is one with a little worked appearance revealing all the charm of the natural style. Again, a drawer and a locker are enough to have a few sheets, notepads and pens. Without forgetting the easy trick to add storage: wall lights!

A classic desk by But

Goal ### Closed drawers, glass top: the idea? Make business disappear visually so that nothing disturbs concentration and thinking, while having the essentials to work at your fingertips.

A classic desk by Ikéa

Ikéa ### The classicism of the office revisited in color! Here is a basic piece of furniture, simple to assemble, and sufficient to work well. With a touch of orange, it brings us a lot of positive energy…

A classic desk by Castorama

Castorama ### Desks on trestles are timeless classics to consider when investing in an office. Once again, simplicity prevails: a large tray placed on trestles easily accommodates business and work supplies as well as sufficient space to work well.