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The new 2012 collection of But in pictures

The new 2012 collection of But in pictures

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The new 2012 collection of But, in which André Manoukian participated, has just arrived in stores, the opportunity to come back to the strong elements that characterize it. On the program: resolutely modern furniture and accessories for every room in the house. Chic and accessible, this collection has it all! Presentation.

Teenage bedrooms: at the heart of the new But collection

Goal ### Teenagers first! In the 2012 collection of But, teens are at the center of attention, a wide range of furniture and accessories being exclusively dedicated to them. Whether they want a rebellious decor, London spirit, rock, American campus or pop, they will have something to find their happiness!

Back to school office

Goal ### In September, we are not immune to the office trend. Here is one halfway between nature look and modern style, the promise of a workspace that is both zen and refined. The right balance for optimal work!

The kitchen between practicality and aesthetics

But ### When But combines comfort and decor, we are seduced. The proof with this contemporary kitchen with metal-colored suspensions, all white furniture, the central island elegantly dressed in purple, but also XXL storage from floor to ceiling so that we can store everything there. Heart stroke !

Marine inspiration in the nursery

But ### Children also have a special place at But. Their worlds are available in chewable decorations for girls as well as for boys. Here, the decor surfs on the ocean wave to reveal all the charm and the sweetness of the spirit "sea, holidays and shells".

Wind of sweetness in the room

Goal ### The perfect example of a successful fall decor in the bedroom. The combination of taupe furniture and the sand color of the walls gives the space a romantic and soothing allure. We adhere, we adore.