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A decor with gipsy accents for a trailer-like atmosphere at home

A decor with gipsy accents for a trailer-like atmosphere at home

Kitsch prints, vibrant colors, gypsy spirit ... Gipsy decor and folklore are making a comeback in decor! Transform your interior into a welcoming and cozy caravan, where quirky trinkets rub shoulders with cushions in a thousand colors in a clever mix.

Plaid Fly

Fly ### Plaid Fly The famous decoration brand offers a pretty crochet plaid, like the ones our grandmothers knitted. This colorful "handmade" blanket gives a very bohemian look to a gipsy decor. To be placed carelessly on the corner of the sofa or in the bedroom with a bedspread.

Hello my cushion

Hello my cushion ### Cushion Hello my cushion Here is a nice demonstration of successful print mixing! Accumulate the cushions in bright colors without moderation on your sofa to transform it into a comfortable and welcoming seat.


Fleux ### Fleux Fleux Perfect for coloring your tables, these mismatched stemware glasses bring a touch of gaiety to your "gipsy chic" dinners. You can marry them without fear to flashy dishes or to different patterns since in matters of bohemian decor, everything is allowed!

Suspension Fleux

Fleux ### Fleux pendant lamp This pendant lamp with a very retro look has 9 lampshades with different prints. It diffuses a soft and subdued light, for a warm atmosphere during the long winter evenings.

Boutis La Fiancée du Mékong

La Fiancée du Mékong ### Boutis La Fiancée du Mékong The "roulotte-style" decor is by definition very cheerful, and invites you to mix prints without complexes. The seats are always very cozy and loaded with throws, cushions and quilts. It's up to you to reinvent the style with the pretty La Fiancée du Mékong boutis.