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A room with natural colors for the start of the school year

A room with natural colors for the start of the school year

To start back to school gently, nothing like a soothing room! For this, we put on natural colors that will make the room a real cocoon where to relax and have a good night.

An English countryside atmosphere

AM.PM ### For an English style, choose fairly dark neutral colors and focus on the motif instead. Opt for armchairs with different shades and checked bed linen for example. To warm the room, choose a cozy carpet.

A fresh and cozy style

Ikea ### For a style that is both natural and refreshing, opt for white and beige or light gray. So that everything is not too cold, bet on a profusion of materials by multiplying the soft cushions and thick duvets.

A dark cocoon

AM.PM ### Natural color does not necessarily mean light color! Indeed, you can choose darker colors which will create a warm cocoon. With gray and brown, your decor will be very close to the earth.

Feminine colors

Dulux Valentine ### Finally, if you prefer to bring a touch of femininity to your room, bet on gray that you will associate with very pale pink or beige tinged with pink. Indeed, this second color will warm the gray and bring a lot of softness to the whole.